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Callyzer is the ultimate SIM-based call monitoring solution that tracks inbound and outbound calling activity.

Get real-time reports on your sales, marketing, and support calling activities to create a replicable and highly-successful telecalling process.

Track all incoming, outgoing, missed, rejected, unanswered, unique, and connected calls handled by all team members in real-time with an intuitive central dashboard.

Call Monitoring

Assign leads, generate lead management reports, and streamline follow-ups to improve lead nurturing and conversion rates.

Lead Management

Integrate Callyzer with your existing CRM solution using an API to sync lead, customer, and follow-up data across all incoming and outgoing telecalling campaigns in real-time.

CRM & API Integration

Why Businesses Trust Callyzer?

Improves Telecalling Productivity

Identify opportunities to improve caller productivity without assuming anything using real-time calling data.

Reduces Non-productive Time

Find efficiency gaps to minimize nonproductive time by visualizing attempted, missed, rejected, or disconnected calls daily.

Efficient Performance Evaluation

Get real-time performance analytics of each team member and save time on creating manual performance reports.

Automates your Operations

Automate repetitive tasks like updating contacts, managing leads, reporting, and more through third-party integrations.

Available for Android

Callyzer can be installed easily on your team’s mobile devices, allowing you to track their calling activities and details from a central, cloud-based dashboard. Available for Android, Callyzer lets you summarize team-wide call logs and acquire valuable insights for analyzing your team’s performance and making smart business decisions.

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Exciting & Useful Features

Callyzer lets you access team-wide call logs, derive valuable performance insights, and make intelligent business decisions with several useful features.


Insightful Dashboard

Track telecalling team performance on the single dashboard

Manage Employee

Manage your telecalling team


Detailed Team Reports

Extract detailed calling reports by employee to know the no. of incoming, outgoing, rejected calls

Reporting & Analytics

Identifying the best time to call, engagement times, and average calling duration of the telecalling team


Call History

Access detailed calling history, call recordings, and call notes of all teams

Call Recording Synchronization

Monitor, listen, and retrieve all incoming and outgoing call recordings in real-time


Daily Status Updates

Get an automatic team calling report in your inbox

Leads Management

Easily manage the lead including the calling data


Leads Reporting

See the number of contacted leads — last contacted date, not connected, etc.

How Callyzer Work?

Start using Callyzer in just 3 simple steps!


Install Callyzer Biz App from Google Play Store on employee smartphones


Automatic syncing of all calling data in real time


Access real-time calling dashboard and detailed email reports to track productivity

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