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Improve your Telecalling Team Performance & Grow Your Daily Lead Pipeline

Achieving your sales targets isn’t an easy job. You’ve got to manage a massive pipeline of leads, assign them to your employees and ensure everyone’s ‘calling’ the potential customers. Callyzer helps you monitor calls, manage your team’s daily effort, assign leads, and increase your sales numbers.

Know What (or Who’s) Working for Your Business

Understand if it's your team or your lead quality that stops you from achieving your sales targets.

Discover the serious telecallers from your team and assign them the most potential leads from your database within minutes. Also, enjoy a reliable source of truth for evaluating the performance of your employees, without the hassle of fiddling with multiple spreadsheets.

Works Just Like An Expensive Call Center Solutions

Callyzer is the perfect call management system that helps you manage all your calling activity. You can see the number of incoming and outgoing calls, calls missed / not-responded from a single screen.


Deep Analysis & Statistics

Review and analyze every minute in real-time and discover the efforts that lead to an increase in sales.

Explore in-depth statistics and detailed call analysis like Average Time Per Call, Top Dialer, Top Caller, and more.

Real-time Sync

Instant synchronization of all call data and recordings in real-time just like an expensive cloud-based call center solution.


Track Unanswered Calls

Check the number of unanswered, unattended, or missed calls by every employee or across the team/company from a single screen.

Track Remote Team Productivity

Track number of hours worked, calls received, calls not attempted, calls missed, and save time during performance reviews.


Call Recording Synchronization

Monitor, listen, and retrieve all incoming and outgoing call recordings in real-time, without paying any additional cost.

User Access Management

Define user access roles and limits based on your company’s hierarchy and team structure.


Daily Status Reports

Receive automated reports in your inbox every morning and set your daily action plan to increase conversions in real-time.

Third-party API Integration

Connect to your existing CRM, sales and marketing automation and 5+ third-party tools using the Callyzer API for seamless reporting and management.


Install on Any Android Smartphone

No Complex Hardware or Infrastructure Needed

Callyzer employee app is free to download and install on your team’s smartphones. They can start using the app right away without any paywall, complex systems, or training. Start using Callyzer call management app in your company and see your tele-sales growing at a lightning fast speed, today.

Google Play

Useful For

Leverage the power of the simplest and most powerful call management mobile app for your business affairs. Callyzer can help:


Team Leaders

  • Track your team’s performance in real time
  • Assign leads to all your team members from a single dashboard
  • Know who’s most active and performing the best in minutes

Sales Managers

  • Listen to all customer-facing calls
  • Assist and train your team members
  • Monitor the progress your sales teams in terms of attempts and follow-ups
  • Identify, reward, and incentivize your top performers

Telecalling Professionals

  • Manage your workload from your smartphone
  • Save time on updating lead spreadsheets manually
  • Keep a record of your daily activity

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my data secured?

We will take reasonable precautions to protect the data:

  • All your data specially mobile numbers are stored into encrypted format.
  • Our web application is secured with HTTPS.
  • Mobile Application is approved and available on the Play Store.
  • Your data is available to you only and it’s not being shared with anyone.
  • As per our policy, we don’t sell data to any agency and we follow all generally accepted industry standards to secure your data.

If I have a dual sim card and want to connect only one so is it possible?

Yes, you can decide which SIM you want to connect and the app will only monitor that SIM card.

How long does it take to set up Callyzer call management app?

You can start using Callyzer app instantly. All you need is a smartphone. Go to the Play store, install it within seconds, sign up for an account, and you’re good to go. It will take just as much time as you spent on reading this answer. So, give it a go now.

Do I need hardware to install Callyzer Call Management Software?

You don’t need anything else, apart from the smartphone you own. Install it directly from Google Playstore and you’re good to go.

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