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Get Industry-leading Technology without Increasing Costs

Monitor, analyze, and improve all your outbound sales, service, and customer-facing calls without investing in costly hardware equipment. Install the app on the team's Android mobile and get going in 10 minutes.

More Efficient & Affordable than Conventional Telemarketing Systems

Callyzer, recognized as the best telemarketing software, can be set up on any Android smartphone – no hefty set-up fees, no confusing set-up. Set up once and forget. Save money on expensive cloud-based telemarketing center solutions and start monitoring all your outgoing calls in real time.


Deep Analysis & Statistics

Review and analyze every minute in real-time and discover the efforts that lead to an increase in sales.

Explore in-depth statistics and detailed call analysis like Average Time Per Call, Top Dialer, Top Caller, and more.

Real-time Sync

Instant synchronization of all call data and recordings in real-time just like an expensive cloud-based call center solution.


Track Unanswered Calls

Check the number of unanswered, unattended, or missed calls by every employee or across the team/company from a single screen.

Track Remote Team Productivity

Track number of hours worked, calls received, calls not attempted, calls missed, and save time during performance reviews.


Call Recording Synchronization

Monitor, listen, and retrieve all incoming and outgoing call recordings in real-time, without paying any additional cost.

User Access Management

Define user access roles and limits based on your company’s hierarchy and team structure.


Daily Status Reports

Receive automated reports in your inbox every morning and set your daily action plan to increase conversions in real-time.

Third-party API Integration

Connect to your existing CRM, sales and marketing automation and 5+ third-party tools using the Callyzer API for seamless reporting and management.


Download Directly on Employee’s Smartphones

Download the Callyer mobile app on your team's Android smartphone and start tracking all calls in minutes. No confusing steps or boring training is required. Callyzer syncs automatically with mobile call logs to give you real-time reports on the team’s performance.

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Designed to Assist Your Dream Team

Callyzer assists small and large teams to get better at pipeline management, managing workload, and improving the customer on-call experience. Here's how Callyzer can help your business teams:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Callyzer and how does it stand out as a telemarketing software?

Callyzer is a SIM-based telemarketing software designed to transform any Android device into a comprehensive telecalling solution. It stands out by being cost-effective, user-friendly, and requiring no complex setups compared to other telemarketing systems.

How can Callyzer help in boosting sales performance?

Callyzer, an automated telemarketing software, provides a centralized dashboard for monitoring all telecalling activities, real-time synchronization of call data, deep analysis, and statistics to understand performance metrics, which collectively help achieve sales targets and improve sales performance.

Is Callyzer suitable for managing an outbound telecalling team?

Absolutely! Callyzer is tailored for managing outbound telecalling teams, providing real-time insights, tracking lead pipelines, and ensuring that no lead is missed.

How does the telemarketing CRM software aspect of Callyzer work?

Callyzer helps assign and track leads, enabling a seamless flow from lead acquisition to conversion, functioning as the best CRM for telemarketing. It also integrates with existing CRM systems for a unified management experience.

How does Callyzer compare to cloud-based call center solutions?

Unlike expensive cloud-based solutions, Callyzer is a mobile-based/SIM-based telemarketing software that offers similar real-time monitoring and analytics at a fraction of the cost, making it a more affordable choice.

Can I monitor the productivity of remote telecalling teams with Callyzer?

Yes, Callyzer's accurate productivity reports and real-time synchronization allow you to monitor the productivity of remote teams efficiently.

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